Developing 1-on-1 Skills with Francesco Nanni
Francesco is one of the brightest young coaches in Italy. His hunger and desire to grow and share are what make him a special coach. His ideas, videos and conversations have helped me grow by making my approach to player development more effective. - Iacopo Squarcina, Assistant Coach, Virtus Bologna

“I have always enjoyed learning from Francesco and this video series is no exception. He presents ideas in a concise and digestible way that makes me always want to learn more from him.” - Chris Caputo, Head Coach, George Washington University

Amazing praise from some championship coaches
“Francesco's critical thinking is without a doubt what makes him a great player development coach. His ideas and creativity are great tools for every player to learn and enjoy their practices.”
Roberto Fois | Barking Abbey
“I can easily say that Coach Nanni is one of the best young coaches that we have: his philosophy and modern approach to basketball is outstanding. The way he communicates with young players while designing innovative drills stimulate thinking for coaches of all levels.”
Diogo Cunha | Nuremberg Tornadoes 
"Francesco is one of the brightest young coaches in Italy. His hunger and desire to grow and share are what make him a special coach. His ideas, videos and conversations have helped me grow by making my approach to player development more effective."
Iacopo Squarcina | Virtus Bologna
"Francesco’s work speaks for itself with its depth and his ability to teach and coach at all levels. You cannot miss any of his work!"
Lason Perkins 

Francesco Nanni has developed a unique methodology for improving the offensive 1-on-1 skills of players from youth to pro. He has coached at some of the top programs in Italy and has a focus on incorporating modern ideas into player development.

Coach Nanni is well-regarded across the world for his creativity in planning practices that empower decision-making and bring out the full potential of every player.

There is no better coach to learn from than Coach Nanni if you’re looking to develop your players’ 1-on-1 offensive skills. Coach Nanni opens the doors and you’ll get full access to six practice videos and practice plans from a youth camp delivered with the Czech Republic Basketball Federation.

Features and Benefits
Off the Catch
Learning how to read defensive cues to create an advantage off the catch, paired with double gaps to punish the defense.
Off the Dribble
Learn how to use guided defense and create small-sided games to develop a player’s ability to create an advantage off the dribble.
Finishing Skills
An essential part of effective 1-on-1 play is being able to convert an advantage once it has been created. See the small-sided games Nanni used to develop this skill.
Passing Situations
A key part of 1-on-1 is playing dynamically by using movement. This means passing must be developed to make use of any advantages that appear.
How to Design SSG’s
Learn the process for designing small-sided games with particular outcomes, as well as how small-sided games can be created at an optimal challenge level for youth players.
Learn how to Load a Drill
See how Coach Nanni loads drills and small-sided games by adding varying rules, spacing alignments and additional defenders. This concept can be applied to any situation in a basketball practice.
What makes this 1-on-1 video bundle different from the rest?

Coach Francesco Nanni does a masterful job in showing everything needed to develop highly effective 1-on-1 skills for players of all skill levels.

Offensive skill is the foundation of success at the highest levels. The ability to instantly create an advantage is a trait seen by the best players in the best competitions. Many players do not develop these skills as they don’t get the right opportunity to develop them in practice… UNTIL NOW.

These videos show you how to teach 1-on-1 offense successfully for high school, youth club and college players, improving not just their decision-making but also their 1-on-1 techniques.

Your offense becomes more unpredictable with skilled players
Your players will be able to make the team’s offense more effective
More offensive skill = more enjoyment for your players
Easy buckets help improve your team’s offensive efficiency

How good can your team be if your players are consistently a threat to score or create an advantage out of any position or location on the court?

Learn how you can help make your team better on offense, while raising the level of the defense through having to guard better players, by watching this  comprehensive video series from Francesco Nanni.

You Will Learn:

All Types of 1-on-1: Off the Dribble, Catch and with Movement
What Defensive Cues to Look For
How to Use Guided Defense
Learn to Create Age-Appropriate Small-Sided Games
How to Load Small-Sided Games with New Constraints
What Type of Players to Recruit for your Defensive Press Identity
Who is Francesco Nanni?

Francesco Nanni is an Italian professional coach, who has coached for over 10 years at various levels within Italy, from mini-basket to pro. Nanni currently coaches at Scafati Basket, one of the top teams in the Italian A2 league.

Nanni has worked with some of the top prospects at the youth level in Italy, as well as being well-regarded for the quality of his content sharing on various social media platforms. Nanni uses an approach that combines the best of the European style with evidence-based learning concepts that are the foundation of Basketball Immersion.

Watch samples from the 1-on1 video bundle.
Francesco Nanni is providing you with access to six practice videos showing everything you need to develop your players’ 1-on-1 skills.  These videos come with six practice plans, and are available for only $75.00.
$75.00  USD

Video #1 - 1-on-1 Off the Catch Part 1

Nanni starts by introducing players to the specific defensive cues to look for while playing 1-on-1. Double gaps are then introduced, followed by how to use a blast cut to create an advantage and an easier 1-on-1 situation. An emphasis is placed on reading the defender while receiving the ball as opposed to waiting and losing a potential advantage.

Four different small-sided games are used to teach these concepts, with varying constraints and points of emphasis. The concept of zero seconds decision-making is coherent across the practice.

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Video #2 - Finishing Part 1
1-on-1 skills are useless if a player is not proficient in finishing at the rim. In this practice, Coach Nanni shows how to teach finishing without relying on 1-on-0. A scripted, guided or live defender is used across multiple 1-on-1 drills to practice concepts such as finishing against contact, against a defender recovering in front, trailing from behind etc.

Coaches can learn how to coach the defense to lead to better offensive results. In this context, a late cut-off is introduced by Coach Nanni to create new situations for the offense to then play against.

One of the main outcomes of the practice is introducing the recognition of a straight line drive, and what to do if this appears and what to do if the defense takes it away.
Key concepts covered in this video include:
Teaching How to Initiate Contact
Using Scripted and Guided Defense
Reducing Lag Time
Developing Moves such as a Spin Finish with Constraints
Developing Counter Moves Organically
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Video #3 - Finishing Part 2
Want to develop exactly the same outcomes as above, but with a mix of completely different small-sided games? That’s what Coach Nanni does in this video, giving coaches practical ideas as to how they can teach the same concepts but without players being bored by the same repetitive drills.

The concept of using gathers to avoid stunting defenders are also introduced, adding another layer of complexity into the 1-on-1 situation.

New small-sided games are shown with “Car Chase” 1-on-1 being an excellent start for players of all levels. This allows the offensive player the chance to work on maintaining an advantage against a trailing defender.

The same game is seamlessly loaded into a 2-on-2 situation to create new affordances for the offensive and defensive players. This particularly provides the chance to introduce basic spacing and penetration reaction principles to the off-ball player.
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Video #4 - 1-on-1 Off the Dribble
Creating off the dribble is one of the most common 1-on-1 situations with the modern game. Coach Nanni shows how to use the skate dribble to create an advantage and by time for the offensive player to spot a decision cue and act on it.

One of the key problems with players playing off the dribble is over-dribbling. This is evident across all levels, especially youth. Coach Nanni shows how to use the dribble with a purpose to be as efficient as possible, eliminating over-dribble situations which can stall a team’s offense.

This practice is particularly interesting for coaches as re-connections are used to weave in principles covered in earlier sessions, particularly finishing. The players really start to understand the concept of guided defense in this practice, allowing coaches to see the power of implementing this in both team and player development practices.
Video #5 - Passing
As dynamic 1-on-1 opportunities are created, the ability for players to pass to moving teammates is essential. This is particularly complex when considering the presence of defenders and the different cutting angles and speeds used which are unique to every possession.

Guided defense is used to develop the abilities for players to make backdoor and front cuts, with different passing solutions explored to allow the offensive player to catch the ball on their path to the basket.

Some unique small-sided games are used to develop these skills, most notably being Catch Me if You Can. This is used as a 1-on-1 start, loaded up to 2-on-2 and 3-on-3. Players are then taught how to incorporate 1-on-1 play with other teammates in the context of 3-on-3 play, while making secondary decisions such as reading help defense.
Video #6 - 1-on-1 Off the Catch Part 2
In this final practice, players learn how to read different types of cut-off made by the defender including aggressive, non-aggressive and early or late. Players learn solutions for these scenarios in a variety of different contexts progressing from simple to complex.

The use of the off-hand to enhance 1-on-1 play is also highlighted, particularly in a dynamic 1-on-1 where movement is used prior to the catch.

Initiating contact is used as another point of emphasis in order to create and maintain advantages while driving and finishing at the rim. The decision of ‘neutral’ is also introduced in order for players to understand when to move the ball if a 1-on-1 opportunity does not exist.
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